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The Boxer: The True Story of Holocaust Survivor Harry Haft - Reinhard Kleist

This book was about this man he was taken as a slave.

He was in love with a beautiful women he was seprated

from. He was a Jew back then Jews didn't really have 

privileges but he did what he had to do to survive the 

holocast. He survived the holocast four long years after 

the holocast ended his whole family were sloder and his 

he lost the love of his like in seconds. His name is Haryy Haft.The Boxer.


I can relate to this to this not in the experience I mean 

emotional I can relate because I was once separeted 

from the people I love like form instance my grandma 

i never meet her but I love her very much when I see

my mom cry about my mom the only thing I could

think of she why does this has to happen to me.


U recommend this book to everyone because it's an

espiring story because it talks about a survivor he 

survived because he was a boxer he humered the 

soldiers but this Weakness but Harry haft was a espiration.